what would a good site be with a sex scene „lol you know what i mean well sex some of us get it ,some of us dont .but most of us want it . how do we get more .its a bit like money ,if you get too much you dont know what to do with it somtimes . so how do we get more enjoyment out of it. in the end its just about reproduction isnt it? right from the time your old enough to understand what it is about it seems that that your life changes finding the right things to say on the first date ,to the best pick up lines we seem to try anything that sounds good in front of the mirror i wonder why animals dont do the wholepick up line thing or go on dates,maybe they do in their own sort of way who knows. what is it that attarcts us to someone ,is it their ora ,smell looks ,whateva it is we are all trying to look betterso that others will be attracted to us http://www.gramansland.com/hey.php Related Post: http://jacobmcrae.blog.com/2010/12/19/all-about-the-money/